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Roses problem

hi all, while tending my roses i noticed some thing odd i have done a couple of pictures to see if you can help,
i 1st one is how the should be and many are, but on the same bush we have these weird like starshaped things, i wondered if anyone knew what is going on and can help

thanks steve

Img_0063 Img_0060



They will be a plant gall. Caused by an insect/mite laying eggs in the bud. Its a growth response by the rose to contain the grub. Prune them off if you don't want them.

9 Jun, 2020


hi seaburngirl
thanks for that, i take great pride in my roses and to see that in my patch shuddered me to the bone, i have pruned them off and binned them, there wasnt many it was just the 1st time ive had any problems with my roses
a friend of mine mentioned thrips and that they could be the probable cause.
i hope i dont get anymore pesky mites fingers crossed


9 Jun, 2020

The commonest rose gall is the Robin's pincushion and is caused by a tiny parasitic wasp see the link.

10 Jun, 2020


thanks seaburngirl, i have loped off the offending buds and trated the rest with rose clear, so hopefully ive flushed the little blighters out, fingers crossed


14 Jun, 2020

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