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I few years back I put a post on this forum about some Banksias that I had grown from seed. Apart from those I have given away, three have grown into decent-sized bushes, but one of them has died. It was in a different place from the others, so maybe that's part of the reason. I've cut it right down except for a few shoots near the ground that may survive, though I'm not expecting too much. I checked what I should be using to feed them and discovered I should be using a low phosphorus feed, but I can't discover exactly what that would be. I wonder whether anyone can offer me the name of a suitable proprietary product please. Thanks.



when you say Banksia, do you mean proteas or banksia roses?

10 Jun, 2020


For our Proteas (including Banksias) we have previously bought phosphate-free "Trevena Cross Slow Release Protea Fertiliser".

See links from their (older) webpages here:
(The Protea fertiliser is lower down on the page.)

Here are some other pages of interest:,fertilisers%20which%20can%20be%20used.

10 Jun, 2020


the original question said they were Banksia [protea]

10 Jun, 2020


Most Banksias also need pretty sharp drainage.

10 Jun, 2020

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