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How to care for your Dendrobium. Got given this as anniversary gift from husband but am not sure how to care for it? New shoots have appeared at base. I pruned dead flowers off main stems after flowering but don't know whether it will flower again? Do nee shoots produce flowers? Any advice gratefully received.

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Yes they do, in my experience. Mine was kept in west-facing bathroom, thrived on neglect, watered once a week, kept humid and ignored. I had 2 good sprays,each in succession for 4 years until I got fed up with the unsightliness of its growth and threw it out!

21 Jun, 2020


Strange you should say it as I just can’t make myself like this plant! Lol

21 Jun, 2020


I liked the flowers, just not the straggliness of it.

21 Jun, 2020

How do I say thanks?

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