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Anyone know what this plant is growing in the wood beside a river. Only one as far as I am aware, just hope it is not an invasive kind. Also is there a consensus of which is the best app for plant identification preferably Scottish heritage!!!

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Not sure what that is, but the best free plant id place is here.
Jack by the Hedgerow?

22 Jun, 2020


You are right, of course this is the best free plant id :) It was just for when I am out and about. Anyway thank you and I am sure you were also correct with Jack by the Hedge. It does smell faintly of garlic when I crushed a leaf and the long pods are almost a giveaway.I have never come across it before.

22 Jun, 2020


How many million plants of it do you want to see? It is probably the most common weed around here.
From what I have read, the Flower id apps are all pretty poor.

22 Jun, 2020


Obviously I will have to remove it before the seed pods burst, don't want to be invaded as we are with wild garlic!!

23 Jun, 2020

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