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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Unsure what to do with this lilac bush. I have never pruned it and there is a lot of dead wood in the centre. I would like to reduce it to make a smaller bush. Do I cut right into the dead wood?




Cut out all the dead wood as it isn't going to do anything. If you are bothered if it dies cut it down to about 2-3ft tall. I have done this several times over the last 20 yrs and mine has come back every time.

if you don't want to risk it dying remove 1/3 from the shrub this yr then another 1/3 the next and the final 1/3 the year after. then keep it pruned to size every year after flowering.

22 Jun, 2020


Thanks Seaburngirl. I will cut back 1/3rd. Do I still cut it right back even if there are leaves on the ends of the branch?

22 Jun, 2020


Yes even if there are leaves. there will be buds lower down in the branches.

22 Jun, 2020


Don’t worry too much Pdb, we cut ours back hard a week ago and it’s already showing new growth.

22 Jun, 2020

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