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I have a blue hydrangea, in a pot, but has only a couple of buds so far. It has bloomed very well in the past couple of years, I cut it back in the correct manner in the spring, and I feed it as per instructions. Any reasons for the lack of flower buds?



is the pot big enough? It could just be down to the weather conditions and if it is getting enough water at this time of year.

24 Jun, 2020


What type of hydrangea is it? Some bloom on old wood and you could have cut off the flower buds or maybe they froze over the winter. In a pot? lack of water could also hamper blooming.

24 Jun, 2020


It’s a Blue Hydrangea, Black Stem, the pot is 2 feet in diameter. I have fed and watered it as per instructions, but only two of the stems have flowered.

26 Jun, 2020

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