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Hi, back again. My old orange ball Buddleia tree/ bush 12ft tall has a leaf problem. The leaves have holes , the worst ones leaving skeleton type leaves. The Orange balls are dead and going black. We cant see any creepy crawlies anywhere. Any suggestions please. pic of leaves attached

Img_0278 Img_0275 Img_0277



they have a leaf miner infestation. there will be a small caterpillar inside the top and bottom layer of the leaf eating steadily away.
Not aware of any treatment though. I think I'd be tempted to give it a prune by half and then new growth produced now will harden off by winter. They will be less likely to be newly infested as most of these moths have flown/laid eggs and died now.

the death of the buds could be due to this but I suspect more likely be due to the high sun intensity/heat we are currently having.

see what others suggest.

25 Jun, 2020


Thanks for help, I will try this. Jan

27 Jun, 2020

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