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By Sonic

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Hi, This 3 year old Cordyline has flowered.What I didn’t notice was the size of the stem it produced from the centre of the fronds.Its nearly 2” thick and all the flowering stems lead off this.
Can anybody help with pruning this.I,m worried to cut this off as it stems from such a vital spot,I think?
On my smaller palm the only thing coming from the centre is the new fronds,so with the larger plant there are no fronds sprouting at present due to this enormous flower stem.
Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you.

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these plants do flower, and may produce more than one flowering stem each year as they mature. If you want to remove it, just cut it off at the base of the flowering stem, without damaging the nearby foliage.

25 Jun, 2020


When the flowers fade or are removed, a new growing point-or sometimes two--will develop right at the base of the flowering stem,and the head of foliage will keep on growing.

25 Jun, 2020

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