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Hi folks I've had these for 2 yrs!! And now they decide to grow any tip on what next? I have 12 all sizes green ones purple ones red ones

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The rosette that bloomed will die, but the space will soon be filled in from the offsets remaining. A light feeding with 2-3-2 proportioned fertilizer will probably result in more blossoms next summer, and you may need to divide and repot after that.

25 Jun, 2020


Its a very good year for flowers Dave, even my new babies from last year have all spiked, yours are looking very healthy, nothing to add as Tug has covered it all....

26 Jun, 2020


Thank you I've got another question
I recently got some Cambridge variety strawberry plants and planted them up about 2\3 weeks ago I keep them in a poly green house at night they seem to be doing ok but when I looked at the care section it said to nip the runners to help growth are the runners the side shoots coming from the main stem??

27 Jun, 2020


Yes they are. The tips will eventually grow little new plants on the end, and you can pot them up to increase your stock. Whether you do this iis up to you!

27 Jun, 2020


Nipping the set of runners pushes more energy into the main crown, roots, and future flowers and fruit. It helps plants to get established more quickly in areas with short growing seasons, and can result in larger--though ocasionally less flavorful--fruit.

28 Jun, 2020


Going back to the succulents - when you do repot them try using a bigger diameter pot but not nearly as deep. You will need a lot of extra width for all those baby plants to grow and make a huge impressive clump.

28 Jun, 2020

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