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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Please keep seed heads. ...think twice before deheadeing some plants ..We have Knautia Macedonia Melton pastels and frequently young goldfinches visit to eat the seeds..




I do tend to leave them on, sunflowers are an obvious example. However I've never managed to capture a photo any thing eating them

The blackbirds love my pyracantha berries come Autumn, never managed to get a photo though, task for this year maybe now I have a new telephoto lens

Just don't mention my red currants & blackbirds

27 Jun, 2020


Thanks for that, in future will leave them on as had no idea!

27 Jun, 2020


Yes Thankyou Andrea. I do leave some on but not all. I’ll think about it more carefully in future.

27 Jun, 2020


I leave quite a few seed heads on in my garden:o))

27 Jun, 2020


I'm like you Ladyessex and leave loads. They all get stripped at some point by Goldfinches, Sparrows and the little Dunnocks on the floor picking up the fallen stuff. We have little flocks of Long Tailed Tits which absolutely adore the Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) and look like wonderful little flowers when they come to pick over the seeds. Of course leaving all the seed heads does mean you will get more seedlings, perhaps of things you don't want, but it's a small price to pay for the joy of watching these adorable little birds.

27 Jun, 2020


I must get some lemon balm!

27 Jun, 2020


Yes it's a good idea to leave some seed heads. I do the same on many plants :)

27 Jun, 2020


I have lemon balm, everywhere, thanks to self seeding.
It seems I do not have LT Tits to help keep them it check

28 Jun, 2020


I have what I refer to as my wild garden, the birds absolutely love it, its an anything goes part and is separate from the main garden....Fabulous Photograph Andrea....

29 Jun, 2020

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