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Ha! Ha! Is this a weed that I’m caring for?

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If it is, you're doing a good job growing it! I've done the same.

27 Jun, 2020


I think it probably is, but you know the old one "a weed is only a plant in the wrong place".
My OH has an app (don't I hate this modern terminology) which means he can aim his phone at the plant and take a photo and it then comes up with suggestions - or he could just ask me!

27 Jun, 2020


Could it be Rosebay Willowherb? If so it has a spikes of pink flowers -don't let it seed whatever you do...

27 Jun, 2020


I have a few of these growing up, didn't pull them as wondered what they would look like when they flowered, but no sign of them doing so as yet. Would also be interested to know their name. They seem to have softer leaves than rose bay willow herb.

28 Jun, 2020


I've also got that app, Honeysuckle. It's very useful in reminding of the plants whose names I can no longer remember!

30 Jun, 2020


Hasn’t flowed yet :o/

1 Jul, 2020

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