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Garden tools ....what is best to use for trimming where the lawnmower can't get at? .I've tried shears but they jam. No.2 my neighbours hedge is a thick branching thuja too think for a hedge trimmer is a chainsaw the best way.?



You need heavy duty trimmers. Go for the higher end models with a super powerful motor. I think a gas powered motor is better than an electric motor. It has more torque and you need all the torque you can get. A chainsaw isn't designed for trimming hedges, but you can use it to cut the trees down - I did and it's fun!

27 Jun, 2020



27 Jun, 2020


I'd discuss this with a local supplier A chain saw is too drastic. It depends really on how long the hedge is and how thick the branches are. For a fairly short hedge loppers would do, especially the extendable ones if the branches aren't too thick. I think you'd be best discussing your needs with local garden tool supplier - you could take a sample of the branches you need to cut and thus avoid buying something that doesn't work as well as you hoped.

For trimming where the lawnmower can't reach have you tried long handled shears? If you were nearer you could have mine because I am not tall enough!

28 Jun, 2020


Thanks Yes angled shears should be ok i have tried normal shears but the grass just jams them.

28 Jun, 2020

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