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ID please. A patch of these has appeared in a shady part of the garden. So pleased I left them to grow as they have the most exquisite small purple flowers.
I wonder which insects are attracted to them too.




Looks like it could be betony? (stachys officinalis)Native wildflower.
Others will be more certain than me. I'm not sure.

27 Jun, 2020


Thankyou Anget. I'll look it up. Sorry it's a sideways pic and flowers are out of focus.

27 Jun, 2020


Anget. Congratulations, it is indeed Betony. Useful for curing people of bad dreams.

27 Jun, 2020


I could do with some Betony then, Merlin! I've been having unpleasant dreams for many weeks now.

30 Jun, 2020


Arbuthnot, I suggested a Betony tea to my partner as he shouts out and waves his arms around, on a regular basis. However, he maintains that he doesn't have bad dreams.
Bad dreams can carry one on into the day and I find them disturbing. Some meds can cause it but if that's not the case, I think the Betony tea might be a natural remedy worth trying. I know I would.

30 Jun, 2020

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