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By Anget

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Another I.D. please.
This one is a real mystery to me. Grown from a 'lucky dip' pack of seeds. It's about 6ft tall, and no flowers as yet. Sorry the pics. aren't better. It's the spindly plants in front.

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I wonder if it could be Cosmos ??

28 Jun, 2020


I'm waiting with excited anticipation to see what the flowers are like. When I put them in a month ago they were quite small and I had no idea they would grow so tall as I didn't know what to expect. So maybe I've accidently planted a weed!

28 Jun, 2020


Not a Cosmos. I'm thinking an Aster, or close kin. Possibly a Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis species).

29 Jun, 2020


I'm thinking artemisia??

29 Jun, 2020


I also think Aster ( Michaelmas Daisy ) most likely, mine grow very tall.....

29 Jun, 2020


One year my asters grew enormous with stems an inch thick so it's possible these are the same. Not sure your plants have the same ferny leaves of an aster though.

30 Jun, 2020


It's as tall as an aster but I think the leaves are different.
Thanks for your replies. When it flowers, I'll post.

30 Jun, 2020


True Aster leaves are normally linear, willow-like, or lance-shaped anyway, not ferny. There are a few other plants called Aster that have ferny leaves, but they are in the genus Machaeranthera.

30 Jun, 2020


Thanks for your suggestions. OH has suggested it may be the result of birdseed (!). I think it is probably an artemisia. We've discarded it, in any case, as it was 6ft. tall in the end and rather weedy-looking with small bobbly grey flowers.

30 Jul, 2020

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