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i am buying two blueberry bushes and I want to put them in containers, is it best just to use Ericaceous compost or mix together with soil



Hi, I have five in large pots in my garden and I've got a mix of homemade compost and ericaceous compost (50:50) in each. They've all been doing well for the last two years and are fruiting prolifically. Hope that helps :)

1 Jul, 2020


Thank you for your reply excellent

1 Jul, 2020


A word of caution about home made compost; its not usually recommended for use in pots unless it has been produced using a hot, aerobic method which will kill off any pathogens that might be present. That method of production means you have turned your compost frequently (at last twice a week), got the balance of browns to greens right, as well moisture levels, so that it gets very hot. If you're not sure about your compost, you can still use it, but be aware it may contain pathogens which, whilst not causing any problem on open ground, might do so contained in pots. Otherwise, just stick to ericaceous bagged potting compost.

1 Jul, 2020


Thank you for that I have compost in bags from garden centre

1 Jul, 2020


My blueberry is in ericaceous from a garden centre bag and it has been doing well for several years with the occasional top up dose of ericaceous fertilizer. The only problem I have is netting it to keep the birds off while allowing quick access for me at breakfast time and I haven't solved that one yet...

1 Jul, 2020

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