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By Linmar

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Earlier this year - probably May - I planted Ligularia Britt Marie Crawford seeds and now have plants 6" to 12" high.
They have quite dark stems but the leaves are green and the largest one has quite elongated white spotted leaves. Does anyone know if they will eventually turn almost black and broaden out like the parent one? I have had such success this year with all seeds planted. Normally only take cuttings.



were they seeds from your own plant ? If from your own plant then you will get quite a bit of variation in the plants due to natural genetic mixing. [like you get in your own family]. They may darken and enlarge in time but I don't know if I am honest.

1 Jul, 2020


The seedlings are going to be genetically different from the parent, so some of them may never "purple up". In the meantime, it may take a few months for them to show their adult colors. Higher light levels tend to bring out more color, too.

1 Jul, 2020


Seaburngirl and Tugbrethil

Thank you both for replying.
Yes, they were seeds from my own plant which flourishes.
I think too that they will not become like the parent plant but they are growing fast and will make nice plants. I've noticed that only one plant has the white spots on leaf the others are all green. The stems of the spotted one are quite dark. It will be interesting to see what happens as they mature.

4 Jul, 2020


yes and do let us know what they are like when they flower.

5 Jul, 2020


Seaburngirl None of the new plants flowered this year.
I will certainly let you know if flowers appear next year.

1 Dec, 2020


thanks for the update I bet they will flower next year but did the leaves 'purple up'?

1 Dec, 2020

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