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The difference between Clianthus puniceous and Clianthus maximus?
For years I believed I was growing Clianthus puniceous, both red and white varieties but killing time today I looked up the difference between puniceous and maximus and I think mine is the latter. Here's the information which leads me to think that, found on a NZ conservation website :-

Similar taxa

Closely related to C. puniceus which has mat-green foliage, whose upper leaf surface is often slightly glaucous in colour. C. maximus leaves are dark green, and the upper leaf surface very glossy. C. puniceus flowers are slightly smaller, the standard is conspicuously striped white, and the spur blotched or striped white as well. C. maximus flowers are larger, very dark red, blotched dark purple-black near the base (very rarely with a few faint white stripes) and the spur is uniformly dark red.

Photo 1 of red flowered, shiny leaves and 2 of white flowered, matt leaves.
There must be an expert out there who knows, thanks.
I pruned the stems that had flowered in July and now have flower buds again. I've had Clianthus for a few years but never had a second flush of flowers. Could it be the weather?

On plant Clianthus

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