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A while back I showed my newly flowering cactus (now my avatar) which I labelled Selenicereus grandiflorus because there was an almost identical flower in the RHS book I was consulting for something else. I must have been half asleep and got a bit carried away with my labelling - that's clearly nonsense.. I just can't believe its a any relation to a cereus though the flowers are very very similar - Its got to be an epiphyllum? It flowers during the day and isn't scented. Anyone know what variety it actually is please?



Stera, I'm sorry, but I cant find the full sized photo to say what it is. From what I can see in the avatar, it most likely is an Epiphyllum, but I coudn't tell you which one, yet.

2 Jul, 2020


Hmm...maybe 'Callisto'?

2 Jul, 2020


Epiphyllum oxypetalum ??

2 Jul, 2020


Thanks Tug - looks just like it. I was sure either you or Hywel would come up trumps! Today I noticed more buds coming - fantastic!

2 Jul, 2020


Thank you Hywel. It does look very like it but mine stayed open for several days, and I don't have to sit up all night to see it! So I think Tug has it right this time.

We have adopted anew cat that was very thin and very frightened. He is now quite plump and very confident, and can steal and open his own cat food sachets (unfortunately...) Will put a photo on my Pictures file.

2 Jul, 2020

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