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By Johnjoe

Ireland Ie

Hi all knowledgeable goy members. I am looking for advice on a project at our community garden. Hope you can help me. About 5 years ago a member designed a map of Ireland as seen in the photo. We found it very hard to keep maintained and never seem to be able to find the appropriate plant flower to plant around the perimeter of the map of Ireland.

I have been ask by members to take on the project. (I must be mad LOL) I hope to cover the grass on the Island with a membrane fabric. I would like to cover the membrane fabric 3 ins of soil or compost. I would like plant red or white clover as it would attract bees. On the perimeter of the Island I hope to plant Campanula Poscharskyana Sabina Bluebell flower.
I would be most grateful for your help and advice on this project

Regards Johnjoe

On plant Thank ye all for your advice. I went for the small leaf white clover and I am very pleased with the out come

Map_of_ireland_4 Map_of_ireland_1



You should be honored to be called upon for this project. Seems like a fun and rewarding project. Break it down into small manageable bits and it won't seem overwhelming at all. If something doesn't work out, the sky won't fall. Simply replace it with something else.

One suggestion I would make it Oxalis Iron Cross | Good Luck Shamrock Plant - seems fitting. The Irish Green with purple is a striking contrast & red flowers in summer.

P.S. I'm a Gallagher and my family is from the County of Donegal.

3 Jul, 2020


What an interesting thing to do!

Have you checked out the growth habit of that campanula? Here it spreads itself enthusiastically and covers anything its near - joints in flagstones, a sandy bank, a fuchsia bush etc so you will have a happy time trimming the boundary!
It should become a good sea! Just had a thought - how about several different shades of blue to look more sea like?
Just checking that you realise purple clover will grow lot taller than the small white one we get in our lawns.

(Paul, the Iron Cross disappears in winter in this country - something to bear in mind.)

3 Jul, 2020


Sue, which companula are you referring to? Mine had a huge flush of blooms in the Spring and then disappeared after that. I pulled it out and replaced with impatiens. As for Iron Cross, it can be planted with something else that blooms in winter. Wild ginger is another option.

3 Jul, 2020


The Campanula JohnJoe mentioned in his question. Please don't make me have to type it out again!!!
I think the Campanula,being blue, is to represent the sea around Ireland? The ginger wold be good if Ireland were to be all green though!

3 Jul, 2020


Nobody is making you do anything, relax sista! jeeeze. Wild ginger would be good period and it isn't all green by the way. 'Ginger' and 'Wild Ginger' are two completely different plants.

3 Jul, 2020


I would use blue varieties of annual Lobelia (Lobelia erinus) for the edging.

4 Jul, 2020


Thank you much for you suggestions and in encouragement on this project. I have taking what ye said all on board.

The reason I was going to use clover on Ireland as it is the nearest to shamrock and the bees like the flower I was thinking of the purple clover as Steragram 2 suggested white clover grows smaller I think I would go for the white clover. I think it would be very little maintenance on it. The Companula Serbian bluebell would represent the sea and it stay green all year as the clover does be.

Again I would like to thank Bathgate, Steragram2, and Tugbrethil for taking the time to answer me.


4 Jul, 2020

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