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Hi again is their anyway of getting rid of increasing amounts of field bindweed that are invading my newly planted up flowerbed. Difficult now as it's coming up thru the holes i dug to plant.




It's a persistent beast - really needs the whole area to be dug over prior to planting, extracting all roots wherever possible, but even then, it will eventually be back. You can try spraying with glyphosate, but you'll obviously need to keep the spray off surrounding plants you want to keep.

3 Jul, 2020


yes it is a nuisance. dig out as much as you can. I only spray it from mid summer as it seems to work quite well.

3 Jul, 2020


It's real devil when i dig it up i can only remove the fresh growth it just breaks away easily and leave the main root in the ground. And it's grows tightly around the pants I've put in. I wonfer if i leave it weather it will just be a massive carpet of growth next year?. This is an agricultural area and it's flowering in the field at the back of me.

3 Jul, 2020


This plant and its big brother are known as Devils Guts - if you've dug some up you can see why! The easiest way to glyphosate it is to gather all the strands of one plant together and spray them like that but its an unenviable and recurring task.

3 Jul, 2020

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