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How tall does a chinese star jasmine grow in a pot in a south/westerly direction?



Depends on the size of the pot - Trachelospermum jasminoides wants to get to about 25/30 feet,which it obviously can't do in a container. Even with regular potting on into ever larger containers, it will eventually become stunted because it hasn't enough room for its roots, so you might have a reasonably sized, healthy plant for 3-5 years, after that, unless you can transfer to the ground, you'll probably need to replace it.

4 Jul, 2020


The rule of thumb is that a vine will grow four times as tall and wide as the average of the height and width of the container it is growing in. For example, a tub 1 1/2 feet tall, by 2 feet wide will support a vine 7 feet tall and wide. It might try to grow bigger, but it will wind up looking stressed.
Also note that Trachelospermum asiaticum is more reluctant to climb than its cousin T. jasminoides, so it is important to know exactly which one you have.

5 Jul, 2020

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