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I’ve just found some of the leaves on my brassicas are going yellow and curling. They are so well covered with curtain nets. I’m surprised.
There is a photo below. Please can anyone advise? Many thanks.




Looks like some sort of fungal infection, but I can't positively identify it.

4 Jul, 2020


well at the base of the leaf you have a lovely collection of aphids. they need getting rid of. if you go down the insecticide route make sure you use a formula designed for edibles. otherwise a soap spray will help.

5 Jul, 2020


Yep, a thorough spray with soapy water, getting all of the nooks and crannies, and/or ladybirds, if they are available. For prevention, planting plants with small flowers nearby will attract other beneficial insects, such as lacewings, hover flies, and tiny stingless wasps. Good flowers for that are yarrows, sweet alyssum, verbenas, scabious, viola tricolor hybrids, and various daisies.

5 Jul, 2020


Many thanks.

6 Jul, 2020


Apparently they are mealy aphids.

6 Jul, 2020


Same treatment, Canalhopper.

7 Jul, 2020



7 Jul, 2020

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