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By Lemnos

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I have now got a few salvias different colours, beautiful scents.
They seem to be quite spindly but there are flowers on the ends so I can’t cut them can i to make them bush out- or should that be done at the end of the summer?



Which variety of Salvia do you have and how long have you had them?

5 Jul, 2020


Thanks for your reply- I bought them last year for the first time and they are, I think hardy perennials small flowers herby smelling small leaves.loads of bees going to the plants.

Is that enough info Bamboo?
I sent for them from Hayloft last year.

5 Jul, 2020


sounds like the microphylla ones. yep you can make them bush out when the flowers finish prune them back and they will develop new shoots and then flowers.

5 Jul, 2020


Make sure that they get plenty of sun--they're native to the American Southwest, and maybe give them a light feeding. Adequate nitrogen and magnesium are important for growth and branching, especially basal branches.

5 Jul, 2020


They do get leggy. The best thing to do is cut them hard back to 6” - 8” around April time. Then you will get much bushier plants.

6 Jul, 2020

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