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Help, disaster, my Brussel Sprouts have been flattened in the wind. Will they recover if I prop them up somehow once the wind dies down? I'm in Northumberland and it is not supposed to be so windy tomorrow.



if they are not snapped then yes stand them up and firm the soil around the stalks. you may find adding canes and string to help support them.
all is not lost.

5 Jul, 2020


Oh thank you for the positivity, Seaburngirl. I will let you know if successful. The wind is still howling round the house, my daughter in Lancashire has just texted to say her outdoor tomatoes have been battered in the wind for the second time, think a greenhouse may be on her Christmas list this year!

5 Jul, 2020


Look at it ths way - if you stake them they stand a good chance. If you give up you stand a very poor chance. No contest!

5 Jul, 2020

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