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Why do my roses have droopy heads?

This is something that I have seen in bought roses but never really seen it on my own garden roses. My roses all had full clusters and were looking good. But now the heads have all drooped. We have had a lot of rain recently following a very dry spell since March. I did water the bed regularly, so they were not deprived entirely of water. There is wind/water damage on the flowers - heads not opening and rotting, etc. But normally this would not cause the clusters to droop.
Is it simply excessive soft growth caused by the dry weather? They were fertilised in early March. And I have now again applied a summer dressing.



The flower heads are too big and heavy for the stems to support. They become overloaded with the excess water and wind. This goes back to the breeder - an oversight in judgement.

6 Jul, 2020


I have the same problem with most of mine so I'm wondering if the weather does have something to do with it.

6 Jul, 2020


The weather will have compounded the problem. but wet does damage them a lot sadly. Remove them to encourage new growth and fresh buds. Remove some of the stem down to a dormant bud. This will grow away.

6 Jul, 2020


Thanks. They are not new roses and are from different growers. This is the first season that they have done this.

I have deadheaded them but only down to the next leaf join. I was wary of taking the stems back to far in case too much soft growth only made the problem worse.

6 Jul, 2020

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