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Hi all, my son has asked if I can identify this plant ,( or is it a weed ) .he is not a gardener ,and my knowledge is limited, I think it is probably a Sunflower ,but thought I would ask those that would know , It would be clearer in colour ,but at the moment I can only do black, anyone help please.




not an annual sun flower but difficult to identify from the photo. are there any flowers on it yet? is it prickly leafed? it looks to be quite tall. It could be one of the perennial helianthus [also called sunflowers] but I am not convinced.

it is only a weed if you don't want it in your garden!

6 Jul, 2020


Thankyou for your reply I have managed to get a colour print now ,perhaps should say my son lives inAmsterdam ,if that helps

7 Jul, 2020


I thought it might be one of the Eupatoriums, it looks like the one I have near the pond. It likes damp, marshes, fens or waste ground - that's the wild one of course. Loved by insects.

7 Jul, 2020


Might possibly be easier to identify if you could send another pic when those little florets are fully open?

7 Jul, 2020


Eupatorium would be my guess too. Its that pale Elastoplast pink that make me think it is.

7 Jul, 2020


Thankyou for your replies, Now that I have a name I have googled for a picture,and you have got it, ( I knew someone on questions would know) the leaves and the flower heads are the same, personally I have never heard of them so would never have found the answer myself. My son will be delighted ,Thankyou.

8 Jul, 2020

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