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By Balcony

Cambs, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, I've another unknown plant here on the allotment. It's the 1st of the 3 photos I took today. The other two photos were of another allotment where there are 100s of these plants growing. It's quite a pretty plant but I wonder if it's a weed.

Allotment_unknown_plant_10th_september_2010 Allotments_unknown_plants_10th_september_2010_001 Allotments_unknown_plants_10th_september_2010_002



I looks like a Lysimachia ciliata cultivar, perhaps 'Firecracker'? Phil J

10 Sep, 2010


No - can't be...that would have yellow flowers at this time of year, and the ones on the allotment appear to have red ones!

I have seen this before - it's a type of edible leaf, but I'm blowed if I can remember its name! Some people use it as an ornamental plant, too.

10 Sep, 2010


Orache? Atriplex hortensis Red Mountain Spinach

10 Sep, 2010


I think that has rounder leaves, Ob. My candidate is one of the edible forms of Amaranth--Amaranthus tricolor, or A. hypochondriacus.

10 Sep, 2010


That's the one, Ob! Orache. I saw it at an open garden earlier this year.

Tug may well be right in his ID, though - I'm just pleased to have my memory jogged. :-))

11 Sep, 2010


Red Orache , it does spread and seed I pull them up every year ....... the leaves make a colourful addition to salads ......

11 Sep, 2010


Thank you all so much for your answers! :-)

I did a search for "Red orache" & I think you are right. It seems it is you are right, Owdboggy, it does seem to be Atriplex hortensis: Red orache, aka French Spinach. Apparently you can use it like Spinach. It also seems very popular with the Romanians! It seems that in Romania they use it a lot in a soup.

The things you learn on the WWW!

11 Sep, 2010

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