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I need tips on keeping squirrels away from my squash plants. How frustrating to see this. Is there anyway to stop the dratted squirrels from sampling my squash? Raccoons & Possums are out there too. Thanks




I think here you can buy nets for growing such things on a framework. Maybe small mesh netting might discourage them?

14 Jul, 2020


you will have to grow them under very strong chicken wire. Mine are in a fruit cage so they cant get in.

14 Jul, 2020


Setup a “squirrel proof” feeding station for birds well away from your vegetable crop. Place in the feeder sun flower seeds or wild bird food. These feeders have a perch which closes access to the seeds if anything heavy tries to sit or grab a hold of it. This feeder will keep them busy all day every day trying to figure out how to steal a meal from this contraption and they will forget all about the easy pickens in your veggie garden. Drive a 5ft wooden board into the ground about 5 feet away from the feeder to give them something to climb up on in order to jump onto the feeder. They love challenges. As for the nocturnal animals even if you cage it off they will find a way to dig under it. The only way out of that is to overplant to raise your harvest level.

16 Jul, 2020


Thanks so much for the tips. I only have a single squash plant Loose, so this may be a losing battle for me.

16 Jul, 2020

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