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Hello Everyone - Is anybody able to identify these two shrubs for me from these photographs.



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I recognise them but no names really forthcoming.
I want to say Clerodendron for the first one but not sure.

15 Jul, 2020


The second one is probably an apple. The first one is a Twinberry (Lonicera involucrata)

15 Jul, 2020


yes Tug you are right. and I have seen them before. age does great things to the mind does it not?

15 Jul, 2020


I saw it 20 years ago in Oregon, but all I could remember was that it was some relative of a honeysuckle,and it took me 20 minutes of searching the internet to run it down. I remember a lot of things, but my "filing system" is terrible, and gettting worse as I age! Oh, well! :}

15 Jul, 2020


Thanks Tug. My Sister gave me a potted one of the Lonicera, though neither of us knew what it was - growing in her new garden. Who would have thought of looking it up as a Lonicera?

16 Jul, 2020

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