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We have an area between a Monkey Puzzle tree and a new Fence. The soil is acid clay. Not sure about how much rain it gets and the fence faces East. Need some ideas about what to plant in it. It starts off the day in shade, but is in good light now.




see the list I have given on the next question. In addition to those: Pachyphragma Martagon lilies, Solidago, Chelonia, Uvalaria, Cardamine [I have 3 or 4 that do very well] are happier with a little more light. Heucherella, Tiarella I find do better for me than just Huechera . and some of the thalictrums manage ok too at the lighter side.

hope this helps.

17 Jul, 2020



17 Jul, 2020


I can lift bits and bobs of most of them if you need any. Lots of C bulbifera so you know it is a spreader.

17 Jul, 2020


Got that one already and a couple of others now nameless.

17 Jul, 2020

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