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We have reluctantly used a glyphosate weedkiller on our block paving. Sweeping up the resulting debris which includes soil from the roots of the small crass clumps which have been lifted out I'm wondering what to do with it. Would it be ok to put it in the compost or does it need disposing of some other way?



I would bag it and dispose of it. That stuff remains potent for about 6 months and is a potential environment hazard.

'Although glyphosate that has spilled or over sprayed into soil breaks down in the soil, it takes some time. Approximately half of the herbicide degrades within two and 197 days, largely dependent on soil moisture and climate. The average “half-life” of glyphosate in field tests is 47 days.'

17 Jul, 2020


it becomes inert once in contact with soil so all the soil debris can go on your beds or in the compost bins if you prefer. any dead plant material I'd put in the council compost bins if you have paid for that service.

As an aside Victoria [and I] really struggled with all the different roadside refuse bags you have in S Wales but luckily she let the grass grow in her rented home so she could see what was there. So we didn't need to use the garden one. When she left we strimmed it and brought it home for our compost bins.

17 Jul, 2020


Thank you both. In the meantime OH has shovelled it all up and put it in the waste bag for the council tip (!!), so even if anything is still active it will be very diluted by the time its been stirred about in the council hot composting process!

Yes Eileen, we do have lots of different bags - a pain at first but we are getting used to it. The only problem really is finding somewhere to store them all so they are accessible. We are fortunate here but I feel sorry for those in small terraced houses with only a little yard at the back and no room in front or in the kitchen. The one we use most is in the back porch and the paper and card ones have to live in a bedless use-for-everything bedroom. Yet another reason for counting our blessings...

17 Jul, 2020


Toria had to have all here bags in the back yard so everything got wet. our East Riding of Yorkshire council wont take wet paper so we found it really odd. She is applying for a job down your way. fingers crossed.

17 Jul, 2020


For our paper we have a large rigid plastic box with lid so it can't get wet. They wouldn't take it if it did anyway.
Where is she applying to work ?I'm not surprised she got a taste for it spending all that time at Kenfig. I still haven't managed to go there...

17 Jul, 2020


There is one in Wrexham [that's in the north I think?] and one near Cardiff. the reserves aren't named so it is a general area.
She was based at Parc Slip, Tondu for most of her stay but loved Kenfig and several that I liked but cant remember their names often started with Coed which I know means woods.

18 Jul, 2020


I made the mistake of using weed killer on the brick paving on my driveway and even though it wasn't windy I killed a couple of precious plants. This year I treated myself to an electric burner (not a flame thrower) and it seems to be doing the job perfectly.

18 Jul, 2020


That's always a danger with aerosols isn't it? You can get ones you dilute and use in a watering can with special bar attached so you can do about a foot width at a time. I wish I'd done that. Stupid really because I have the watering can as I use it for lawn weed killer occasionally. Do you find your burner has any effect on the bricks? We have a block drive and I've hesitated about getting one in case it cracked the blocks.

20 Jul, 2020


Sorry Stera I've only just seen your question. Well no it hasn't done any damage as far as I can see as you're only supposed to keep the burner over the weed for 5 seconds. so it shouldn't. After a few days the weeds have turned brown. I've got a lot more to do!

26 Jul, 2020


Oh dear. If we stayed over each weed for 5 seconds winter would have come by the time we finished. Its very good news that it works well for you though.I've dithered about getting one. Yesterday I tried using a narrow angled brush with strong wire bristles and it was wonderful for lifting moss and small weeds. I did about 8x1 yards yesterday before I was too tired to go on. Lots more to do but it was wonderful for moss and small weeds. More established grass will need doing separately.(How did you guess we got behind with the job...) Good luck with the rest of your job - rewarding when its done!

26 Jul, 2020

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