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By Jensen

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Do Russet apple trees need to be thinned, just like any other apple tree, to make the remaining apples grow bigger, and to prevent the tree from going bi-annual (producing a very small amount of apples the next year because the tree is exhausted from producing so many apples the previous year)? I expect that the answer is yes, but I want to be sure before removing any apples. I wonder if there might be an exception to the general rule of thinning apple trees.
I know that it is late in the year to be doing this.



Yes, the tree should be thinned to 3 of the strongest leaders. The canopy should be opened to allow sunlight and air to penetrate. This will go a log way in preventing disease. Remove any scraggly & unproductive branches.

18 Jul, 2020


Jensen, if you are talking about removing most of the young fruit, and just leaving one or two every 15 cm along the branches, yes, do that too. I would have done it a while earlier, while the fruit was still marble sized, but in my climate, apples bloom early--late January or early February.

19 Jul, 2020


Next year maybe wait until the "June drop" has happened as usually some fall off by themselves and you can't tell which ones its going to be....
Just out of interest, why did you think treatment of Russets might be different? (I have a very young one)

20 Jul, 2020


Thank you for your replies.
I was asking about the thinning the actual apples, Bathgate, but thank you for your answer anyway.
I agree with what you say, Tugbrethil. The advice that I have found on this says to leave an apple every 4-6 inches.
I think that the reason I thought Russet apple trees might be an exception to thinning, Steragram2, is that the tree has never produced a lot of apples, compared to other apple trees. However, this year it has.

23 Jul, 2020

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