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I have grown wallflowers from seed and they were lovely sturdy little plants but have suddenly been ravaged by something that causes white spots and lots of tiny holes in the leaves. I have heard of flea beetle which makes holes like this but I haven't seen a single beetle on them. They do look rather ragged and sad. They are about 6 ins tall. Will they be any good, do you think? And if so, can I do anything to help them recover?



Sounds like white fly damage as per your description. If so, it is very hard to eradicate. Personally, my only solution to the problem was to eradicate the plant and replace it with something that wouldn’t be to the white fly’s liking. This was done by trial and error.

20 Jul, 2020


Ohhh! I was hoping to save them!

21 Jul, 2020


I douse sad looking plants with a garlic spray , it sometimes helps .

24 Jul, 2020


Thanks Triad, I will try it!

25 Jul, 2020

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