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can i grow rodedendrums



If you can provide a few simple requirements, then sure you can. Partial Sun/Dappled sun. They can't take full on sun, nor deep dark shade. Somewhere in between is ideal. It's an under-story plant. They need a PH of 5.5. They have fine shallow roots. The soil should be kept moderately moist - not hard chalky clay or mucky wet. They require good drainage. They like rich dark loamy soil.

I'm in New York and they do very well here. Maybe one of your colleagues there can give you a better answer. Eileen!

20 Jul, 2020


If you have acidic to neutral soil, yes, but if its chalky and alkaline, no. If you can see other rhododendrons or azaleas growing nearby in other gardens in the ground, should be fine.

20 Jul, 2020


welcome to Goy
if you are gardening on alkaline soil, chalk or limestone then not unless you regularly treat the soil they are in. alternatively the smaller ones can be grown in large tubs using ericaceous compost.

20 Jul, 2020

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