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By Raine

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Mimosa Dealbata, to tall to keep indoors ,covered it last ,flowered beautifully early spring covered up. T o cold to uncover.When i did uncover it we got the late frosts. Thought i had lost it, but it picked up and i trimed it slightly .What is the best thing to do to keep it as it flowered to early to uncover help please as i really want to keep it



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21 Jul, 2020


These, as you know, are not fully hardy in the UK other than near the coast or in warmer regions of the country. If you are close to the sea, it should be okay if you can keep it sheltered from cold easterly and northerly winds, though it will always be at risk during winter if you cannot remove it to a conservatory or greenhouse. However, covering it with fleece to protect in winter outside means it will flower while its covered. Uncovered, it will delay its flowering till the weather is a bit warmer, assuming it survives winter. Not much else you can do for it really.

21 Jul, 2020


Thank you , that;'s what idid this spring. If they get older hopfully gets a bit more adapted .Live by the sea

22 Jul, 2020


I think you should risk leaving it uncovered in winter, except during very cold spells (if there are any, there may not be), removing the cover during the day and as soon as the weather is not bitterly cold, rather than leaving it covered most the winter - this should mean it flowers later. Not much point in its flowering while still covered up, after all...

22 Jul, 2020


Thank you , I would hate to loose it,

25 Jul, 2020

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