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Hello, I live in S. CA 20 miles from the ocean. I have a revamped garden and my planter beds have been greatly amended with rich soil. My garden as a whole is doing very well. I have auto sprinklers, but nothing directed at the trees. My Pittosporums are still dropping a lot of primarily yellow leaves each day. New growth is good. We have 3 of them (all behaving the same) which were mature when we moved here 10 yrs ago. Suggestions? Thank you for responding when you are able. (



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21 Jul, 2020


Welcome to GoY, Pssowers!
I have only experience with Pittosporum tobira, but from my experience, yellowing, dropping leaves could mean drought, lack of nitrogen, or an infestation of cottony cushion scale. Hence a little more info is needed:
How do the trees get watered?
What kind of food are you using? And how much and how often?
Do the smaller branches and leaf undersides show fuzzy white blobs on them?
Also, what kind of Pittosporum is it?
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22 Jul, 2020

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