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When and how do I prune a sambucus Black lace please. Mine got frosted early on this year and I lost all this years flowers. Now it has made a lot of growth and the tips are green. Wondering if I should cut it right back.



well hello stranger, how are you? lovely to see you back.
Spring before growth starts is your best bet. it is an elder so you can be rather brutal if you need to be. if the shoots are very green rather than a touch of green below the darker colour, they need taking out totally.

24 Jul, 2020


Hello Seaburn, pleased you are still around too ! I’m fine on the whole, getting a bit arthritic in my old age ! Makes it difficult to garden as I would like but enjoy what I am able to do.
Thanks for info. I have had it a couple of years but it is going a bit mad now. I’m afraid if I cut it back hard now I shall have to sacrifice next years flowers.

24 Jul, 2020


I thought they flowered on new wood.
the RHS say its pruning group one

I'm retired now and do lots of gardening , sewing and biking with my hubby.

24 Jul, 2020


That’s lovely Eileen, I’ve been fine till quite recently, but I’m happy,
It’s lovely to be able to share your hobby isn’t it.

24 Jul, 2020


I take mine back to two foot stumps in early spring, just as the growth starts, and it still carries flowers later in the year

24 Jul, 2020


Oh thank you Andrew, that’s just what I needed to know. It must be too late to do that now, do you think ?

24 Jul, 2020


Yes, I'd wait until next year now

24 Jul, 2020


Thanks Andrew, will do that.

25 Jul, 2020

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