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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Getting a few black bottoms on my toms, is there a correct amount of water I should be giving each plant ?



I was told that this is due to erratic watering. Someone else will tell you about the amount required. I water mine every day until it runs out at the bottom of the pot.

24 Jul, 2020


yes not enough water. are they in grow bags as this is more difficult to keep wet. if they are in pots in the ground or directly in the ground then they cant get overwatered as it drains away. water well in the evening and first thing ideally.

24 Jul, 2020


Many thanks, I haven’t been giving them eouugh.

24 Jul, 2020


Sorry, didn’t see your question. They’re in large pots

24 Jul, 2020


Sounds like blossom end rot which is due to a shortage of calcium. I broke a piece off a stick of ordinary chalk, crushed it finely and sprinkled it on the soil. Watered it in. end of problem! I was amazed how well it worked. Some people use crushed eggshells but crushing chalk is easier.

25 Jul, 2020


Thanks for that S, i’ll try that.

26 Jul, 2020

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