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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi could you tell me what the two flowers are please,thanks peeps.

Unknown_flower_1 Unknown_flower_2



1. Coreopsis

2. Crocosmia - probably Lucifer

24 Jul, 2020


Certainly Crocosmia, but not really red enough in my view for Lucifer. Mind there are dozens of them all very similar shades of orange.
First impression of the tall yellow flower was a Sunflower, but...................

24 Jul, 2020


1. looks like a coreopsis to me too but it looks very tall.
2 is d.efinitely a crocosmia but it isn't orange/red enough for Lucifer and there are many different orange forms it is difficult to say exactly what it is.

24 Jul, 2020


The top one is Calliopsis, a.k.a. Annual Coreopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria), which can get quite tall, 1 1/2 to 2 meters, but the flowers aren't nearly as large as a Sunflower. There are perennial hybrids in that color pattern, but they have broader leaves, and rarely get more than 40 cm tall.

25 Jul, 2020


Thanks all ,after looking at images of coreopsis tinctoria and comparing, it looks identical to me ,ive measured and its 1.25 meters tall .
I inherited the second plant from my fathers garden years ago and never knew its name ,i looked at images of crocosmia and that looks right too ,but i couldn't see one with quite the same colour shade.So thanks bathgate,owd,sbg, and tug ,appreciate your knowledge.

25 Jul, 2020

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