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I have a rose arch with two roses (climbers or ramblers, I never know the difference!), a passion flower and a clematis on it. As you may see from the attached photo, taken in June this year, the arch was leaning and since then has begun to lean more and more, to the point where it clearly needs replacing. Choosing a new one and getting the work done I can handle, but the question is, when to do it? The roses have grown a lot since June and the flowers from that time have mostly gone, though a few more are showing. The arch and roses were here when we moved in 20 years ago, so they have done quite well, but if possible I would like to keep the roses. Obviously they will have to be cut back a lot to free them from the arch, but I'm unsure how far I can do that and have them survive - maybe it's a lost cause! Any advice would be very welcome.




we had a similar problem and we managed to prop it up until late atumn when everything was cut back, though the roses were 'laid' back, a new arch installed and then the roses were pruned and layered into the new arch. 5 yrs on all is good.

26 Jul, 2020


I had a similar situation a couple of years ago. I waited until late autumn, when the roses were dormant, and cut them back to two to three feet. They have not covered the new arch yet, but they are well on the way to doing it

26 Jul, 2020


Many thanks, Seaburngirl and Andrewr. I'm expecting a visit from my son who has expressed the opinion that the arch may not last until November, which was when I was intending getting a new arch, and he also suggests propping it up in some way until the job can be tackled properly. When he has had another look at it I'll let you know what the decision is. Meanwhile, I'm encouraged by your reports of the roses surviving. I've already taken a few cuttings of the passion flower and they look as though they are OK after a few days. I'll try the same with the clematis, once I've disentangled enough of it to see what I'm doing!

27 Jul, 2020


I had a visit from a landscape gardener who is too busy to tackle the job at the moment, but suggested we choose a replacement arch which he could install in November. Since then, my son thinks he can handle the job, possibly building an arch from scratch, probably in October, which sounds good, as then if it turns out to be too big a job for him, we still have the other guy available. Meanwhile, our son has managed to prop up the existing structure, so it should last till then.
Thanks again for the comments.

31 Jul, 2020

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