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Please a anyone identify this plant?

Denbighshire, United Kingdom Gb

Please can anyone identify this plant?
I know I should know it, but....
How should I look after it, and divide it?
Many thanks.




It's a Begonia of some type,sorry can't place the species.

26 Jul, 2020


yep it is a begonia. if it is one of the fibrous rooted one you divide it like you would any other perennial by cutting it up into rooted pieces.

if it is a tuberous one you can cut the tuber into pieces too but you are more likely to find the pieces rot off. in the 'olden days' cut surfaces were dusted with sulphur to prevent disease but not sure if you can buy it now.

found this site useful in the past.

or you can take cuttings when new growth starts in the spring.

26 Jul, 2020


Many thanks. The roots are fibrous, so I’ll cut it into sections. Is it OK to do it now?

26 Jul, 2020


I found this:

26 Jul, 2020


yes I guess so, it will give the new pieces time to root in ready for next spring's growth.

27 Jul, 2020

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