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By Driad

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone had problems with seeds from China ?
I was recently "overcome" by the beauty of some flowers that were on a Chinese website ; they have duly arrived , and look OK . They are only for my garden , but I have been told that I shouldn't plant them because there has been problems , not sure what ?
Any ideas please ?



Which plant are the seeds from? Seems a bit odd that someone tells you there are problems, but doesn't know what the problems are - were these 'problems' related to the specific plant or the seeds themselves? When the seeds arrived , what was the description of the product on the import information or invoice - did it say seeds and name the plant, or something else odd, like 'earrings' or 'a gift'? Are there clear instructions on how to grow? Were they supplied via Ebay?

27 Jul, 2020


If they don't have a phyto-sanitary certificate it is probably illegal to receive them through the post. recent plant passports were introduced to reduce the spread of various diseases. That's the main reason I don't send or accept plants from abroad.

if they have an odd description like bamboo says they wont be 'safe' if they have any infection. Also they may be invasive here and threaten the wildlife/crops in the uk.

27 Jul, 2020


I saw an article today that people in the US have been receiving unsolicited envelopes from China marked "Jewelry", but turn out to contain seeds. They have been advised not to plant them as they may be invasive species intended to sow problems. Besides, if you look at what is offered, they are so improbable that it is a waste of time to even try. Look at the blue/pink orchid Balcony recently posted photos of. They were treated with chemicals (some are cancerous) and then reverted in their second year.

27 Jul, 2020


I had some echinacea seeds from China. They have grown well and are ready for the garden. I think it said seeds on the packet; it certainly didn't say jewellery or anything odd.

28 Jul, 2020


there was an article trending today about unsolicited seed also being sent to the uk. Didn't read the article as I had to register with the paper to get it. that way I end up with loads of spam.

What plants were they Driad?

30 Jul, 2020


Well , these all looked above board , it was on a “ home and garden “ page with a multi-service company called Volva .
There were pictures of the plants , and the seeds arrived with other items . They do have names on the packets , but I don’t have them to hand .
I will probably plant them at some point , but be very careful with them .
Thanks for all your replies ; just wonder what the point is of sending unsolicited seeds to people in America.

4 Aug, 2020


The unsolicited seeds from China are being sent out all over - they're arriving in the UK and some other European countries as well. Someone in America actually grew some, I've seen the pictures, hard to say what it is, except it looks almost like some type of squash. The authorities there were intending to go in, dig up the plant/s and remove them somewhere controlled to see what grows, and for genetic identification.
Yours, though, were not unsolicited, but I'd still be interested to know precisely what you ordered....

5 Aug, 2020


apparently it is to boost the number of reviews an online seller has received as its linked to how many products get sent.

Obviously the quality of the seed is doubtful in these cases. I have seen pictures of sunflower seeds too and small seeds that look like cabbage ones.

5 Aug, 2020


I find it difficult to review seeds and plants. The time to give a review is often limited, often less time to figure out if they are even viable. EBay & Amazon should have a special category that allows a 1 year delay in giving feedback to make the ratings useful. Especially those from China.

7 Aug, 2020

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