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By Nhcoco

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about 20 plus half inch black eggs among low growing weedsin my garden



Welcome to GoY, Nhcoco!
Is there any chance of posting a picture? Or giving us a more detailed description, including if they are attached to the weeds or laying on the ground, if they are random or in patterns, if there is any damage evident on the weeds or surrounding plants, the eggs' texture and exact shade of black, etc.

29 Jul, 2020


yes welcome from me too.

1/2" seems very large to me if we are thinking of eggs, wonder if they are a cluster of droppings from a rodent?

a photo would be an excellent help in identifying what they are.

29 Jul, 2020


My first thought was mouse droppings. Try squashing one, lol.

30 Jul, 2020


With gloves, of course! :b

30 Jul, 2020



30 Jul, 2020


I thought rat or rabbit etc. we really do need a photo :o)

31 Jul, 2020


Nhcoco, you can respond by writing in the "Add comment" box, as if you were answering your own question. Those of us that responded will automatically be notified. You can amend your question to include a photo, too.

1 Aug, 2020

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