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Hello seen this seed heads on my walk through my local park anyone what the plant is called please

Mid Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Hello seen these seed heads on my walk this morning through my local park anyone know what the plant is called please .




They are teasels and they are not ripe seed heads yet. they open in a really odd pattern too and have large spikey leaves.

29 Jul, 2020


Thanks Seab I can safely name them when I post them on WhatsApp to my friends who are still shielding and can’t get out yet here in Wales! I take photos of all the beautiful flowers and trees for them every time I take a walk through the park .

29 Jul, 2020


You may have noticed that where they join the stem the leaves form a little cup. this holds water when it rains and small insects drown in it. Their juices are then digested by the plant.

The seed heads used to be used to align the fibres in wool before spinning. This is where the expression "Teasing something out" comes from.

Sorry ,I know you didn't ask any of this but don't you think its interesting?Used to fascinate me as a child.

29 Jul, 2020


I found it very interesting Stera,as I used to work in Textiles,where we had a Teasing Dept.,and my mum ,in her youth,worked in that Dept too..All these years,and I didn't associate it with Teasels..thank you..Sorry Kidsgran for butting in on your blog..

29 Jul, 2020


Well thank you ladies I am always interested in learning about something new loved the information about the plant and the explanation about the word teasing .

29 Jul, 2020


I love to hear odd bits about things I find it interesting too,

1 Aug, 2020

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