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Whats the difference between Bell and Sweet peppers with regards to taste and cooking?



I would have thought that they were similar, I grow the long grill peppers as well and treat them the same---- its only the chilli peppers that you have to treat differently

11 Sep, 2010


i thought bell reffered to the shape as apposed to the longer shapes. they are sweet peppers unless not very ripe.

11 Sep, 2010


The name "sweet pepper" refers to all the varieties of pepper that don't produce the chemical that burns our tongues--capsaicinoids. There are a number of different sizes, shapes, colors and flavors of these, and Bell Peppers are just one of the many shapes. Bell peppers tend to have thicker, crisper walls than the other varieties, especially when unripe, and may need longer cooking time than, say, an Italian roasting pepper, to get soft. The "bell" shape makes it easier to remove the seeds and stuff the fruit.Mature fruit of varieties that are more commonly used green can also be picked red, but tend to much softer then, which changes handling and uses. Varieties that have been bred to remain firm and crisp when fully ripe are available. They can be fairly sweet when ripe--gold, orange, or red, depending on variety--but often have a more "green vegetable" taste when unripe--green, pale yellow, or purple. Most of the other types of sweet peppers are blander when unripe, and sweeter and more savory when ripe.

11 Sep, 2010


thanks Tug--- I've grown them for many years ( this year for me is one of the best) and have used them in all stages of ripeness,and for me the amout of heat we have in the sun ( often cloudy) makes a difference to the cropping but also the taste

12 Sep, 2010

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