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Plectranthus part 2 some more pics

Img_20200731_192514418 Img_20200731_192445528 Img_20200731_192502645



there are over 300 species and I have never knowingly grown it so sorry I cant help.

like you I reuse pots and I have several with the old labels on them.

31 Jul, 2020


Thanks again this has been a tough customer i expected to lose it in the first winter i just used to shove everything into a plastic cheap greenhouse that collapsed in the end. winters have got a lot milder though . I keep promising myself a large "proper" greenhouse now I'm in a new house i should treat myself.

1 Aug, 2020


yes you should and from experience go for as big a one as you can fit in/afford. its like a pond, nothing seems to be too big once you start cuttings, seed raising etc.

1 Aug, 2020



1 Aug, 2020


I've been looking at all sorts of Plectranthus lately, and I'm beginning to wonder if your plant is actually a Nepeta, Youngalistair.

2 Aug, 2020


Could be ......their is no scent went leaves are rubbed and plant size is 10x10 inches slow grower hasn't grown much doubled in size in 7 years.

2 Aug, 2020

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