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Calling all Cucumber and Courgette fans! I have about half a dozen plants of each and seem to have a couple of cucumbers growing on one plant. However, they are not like you get in the shops but have a number of prickly things all over them. Do I have to peel these in order to eat them? Also the courgette. How long will it keep on the plant until being harvested? It looks the right size but not quite as big as those in the supermarkets. Any info on these would be gratefully received.




Those prickly things on the cucumber is just the variety. Like a pickle. If you are making pickles, I'd leave them. You can eat them, but I'd prefer to peel them. About 8 inches then harvest. If they get too big, the flavor starts to degrade.

1 Aug, 2020


when they are big enough to pick the prickles will rub off if you rub the skin with a tea towel. many varieties have a rough skin and nothing to worry about.

1 Aug, 2020


Thanks Bathgate and Seaburngirl!

I think I will have a cheese and cucumber sandwich when it gets a bit bigger.

Also did you have a chance to look at my courgette part of the query? I'm wondering how long you can keep them on the plant before harvesting?

3 Aug, 2020


Hi, I grow courgettes and I pick them in the range of when they are quite young to no more than 20cm long. There really isn't a rule as such but a lot of websites would suggest picking them at 12cm long. I suppose it would depend what you want to do with them (in cake, spiralising them etc). Picking them off makes the plant produce more.

3 Aug, 2020


Thanks, Chickweed

One of the courgettes is a fair size so I think I will pick it in a couple of days. I usually have them in a ratatouille but sometimes with a potato recipe.

4 Aug, 2020

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