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By Spader

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi All
Due to rheumatoid arthritis my gardening days are limited.
I still potter about and have my house plants .
That is where’ve need you help.
Could anyone supplybsbnamevfotvthebplant in the pic.
I have had it for years but it’s looking a little sick.
I need a name to look up and get some advice on anything that may pic it back up.

Many thanks





It looks like an Arrowhead plant (Syngonium) to me. They can survive a lot of distress, but they are happiest with a well aerated compost, such as cactus mix, or African violet mix, good drainage, medium to bright indirect light, thorough soaking once the compost has dried out about 1/2 cm deep, and regular applications of any good houseplant food, according to package directions.
When in good health, they bush up to about 1/2 meter tall, and send out vining shoots in all directions. Good hanging plant, or trained up a trellis. As it gets older, the leaves will get larger, and with more lobes.

5 Aug, 2020


Many thanks Tugbrethil for your reply.i shall repot and apply TLC ,

Thank you Spader

6 Aug, 2020


I was going to say Alocasia amazonica aka African Mask Plant.

6 Aug, 2020


I had to look twice to be sure myself, Bathgate. When I think about it, the only real difference in culture is that African Mask needs more humidity, is more subject to pests, and is less tolerant of mistakes.
For identification, Spader, look at the stems. Arrowhead leaves form 10-15 cm apart on smooth, semi-trailing stems. African Mask leaves either come directly from the soil, or form close together on very short upright stems.

6 Aug, 2020


Many thanks all .

6 Aug, 2020

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