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By Cynthia

Michigan, United States Us

Does anyone know the name of this flower? Thank you




Looks like Cardinal Climber Vine. It's related to Morning Glory. I tried growing this one year but wasn't particularity thrilled with it - tiny flowers, started looking mangy after a while. I switched over to Coral Honeysuckle - large red clusters of red trumpets, mildly fragrant, brings in the hummingbirds, evergreen, neat tidy growth habit, minimal care.

6 Aug, 2020


Thank you so much for the information. I'll look for a Coral Honeysuckle!!

6 Aug, 2020


They are easy to find and easy to grow. Does well in full sun or partial sun - more sun=more flowers.

6 Aug, 2020


Now if this query had been from someone in Britain I would have said it looks remarkably like a herbaceous Potentilla Gibson's Scarlet.

6 Aug, 2020


Thank you for the additional info on the Coral Honeysuckle. Thank you also to Owdboggy!

6 Aug, 2020


Going by the leaf shape and flower shape I'd go for Potentilla, I have Gibson's scarlet and Flamenco and they are just like this.

this does not appear to be a climber.

6 Aug, 2020


Thank you Seaburngirl!

6 Aug, 2020


Spritzhenry has a photo on here of one called Monarch's Velvet which is that dark red colour.

7 Aug, 2020

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