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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I received this ‘cutting’ from a patient of mine the other day. He said it was a clematis...I’m not sure, myself? It wasn’t growing and spreading along a wall, fence or anything else.
He said it seeds all over and has lots sprouting up. His main plant is 5 feet plus with deep red berries and small red and white flowers. Any thoughts most welcome, thank you.
Please don’t say it’s a weed ☺️




It doesn't look like any clematis I know. I think it may be Leycestria, also called Pheasant Berry. If I'm right, then you'll see the birds eating the berries.

8 Aug, 2020


Hi Kate it is Leycestria formentosa. as already said. Another common name is Himalayan Honeysuckle. Not a climber though the birds love the berries.

8 Aug, 2020


Thanks Verlie, Julia and Eileen. Much appreciated. I did think it was a bit odd when he said it was a clematis..saying that I’m not an expert.
Just wondering, is it a good plant to put in the garden then?

8 Aug, 2020


I guess it depends on whether you like your garden ultra neat or whether you enjoy pretty plants popping up in unexpected places of their own accord! I have several of this type, such as linaria, valerian and verbena bonariensis, although I've never had a pheasant berry. If it is good for the struggling birds it sounds good to me, as long as you can pull them up easily if they grow where you really don't want them.

8 Aug, 2020


Thanks Pennyfarthing and Julia, good advice. I’m thinking of putting it up on the Bund hill for the wildlife. OH mentioned the garden bin! 🙄

8 Aug, 2020


It associates well with fuchsias

8 Aug, 2020


It would go well on the bund and can take hard pruning to keep it in its space/place.

9 Aug, 2020


Thanks Andrew, good to know! Thanks Eileen, I planted it on the bund yesterday afternoon . 🤞

10 Aug, 2020

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